About Shannnam

shannnam is a design project founded in 2011, with the passion of hand-made accessories and miniature models. the accessories revolves around different miniature diaoramas, some are fun, some are odd, some are uncanny. within such a micro containment, shannnam aims to bring you mini stories worth your imaginations.

The accessories are made with various materials. the first prototype was moulded using silicon and polyester resin. the scenes are setup with german and japanese miniature models

[Fragmented Chronicles]

a glimmer, a touch, a place, a continuity, a dream captured
within suspended streams of consciousness,
sees the good, the bad & the ugly…
idly volatile
100 chronicles of arbitrary dimensions


Freezing the city’s compositions, incidents, and characters
It is life’s cross-sectional view
Documenting our mere fragmentary existence
Watch the making of Fragmented Chronicles video