Miffy The Dreamer Ring

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Limited 100 pieces till March 2020

Miffy 作者 Dick Bruna 在 60 多年的創作生涯中,不斷追求更簡單、更完美的形式去呈現 Miffy 的美學。

Mr. Bruna 一向以平面畫作方式展示 Miffy,Shannnam 設計師 Riyo 則以 3D 打印製作重塑 Miffy 的立體造型,再逐一由設計師人手上色,打磨與製作,眾多工序以呈現 Mr. Bruna 筆下 Miffy 簡潔與純粹的世界。

通透的介指以法國高質樹脂製成,每一支 Miffy 介指都會在香港工作室進行最後的品質檢查與手工包裝。


Ring size : xs size 16.5mm / s size 17.5mm / m size 18.5mm
Packing size : 80 x 80 x 35 mm

Material: Resin / PU


Tells a miniature story about someone with the use of miniature figures.

Sealed in the ring are fleeting emotions and flashbacks, a chronicle dedicated to the big big world we are in: a reconstruction of your story from puzzles and pieces into illustrative visions of fantasy.

Prototype made from selected quality materials of silicon and resin with details denoted by miniatures made in Germany and Japan.